24 New Ones

Let's just pretend this didn't take an obscene amount of time due to personal reasons. :)

I've added 24 unique new servers today and fixed some links. Here's what's new:

  • Hawaii
  • MD/VA
  • Brazil added to Melee section.
  • Smashbox
  • Controller Support
  • Modding
  • Bring Your Own Controller (Tourney discord)

  • Chicago/Illinois
  • Ontario
  • Brazil added to PM/Brawl section.
  • Smashbox
  • Controller Support

Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS
  • British Columbia
  • Colorado
  • Louisiana
  • Ottawa
  • Windsor
  • South Florida
  • Bear's fan discord
  • Team Flamewave (Tourney discord)
  • Reverse Aerial Rumble (Tourney discord)
  • Bring Your Own Controller (Tourney discord)
  • Sirdiesalot Tournaments (Tourney discord)
  • Discord for the Phoenix mod
  • Discord for the Sm4sh Remix mod
  • Smashbox
  • Controller support

Smash Flash 2
  • Super Smash Flash Universe (Tourney discord)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Luigi
  • Mega Man

Hope you find these useful!


Creator of smashcords.com and the Smashcord Central discord.

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