Applications Reopened, Smashcords to be Replaced

Uprading the site is taking me longer than expected due to IRL issues.

I know many people have been wanting to get listed so I have reopened applications in the meantime. I'll do my best to add them to the existing site within a few days.

This new version is still in the works and will be known as "bestcords" when it launches. It will keep all existing Smash discords in a Smash Bros. specific subcategory and and any affiliated links will be redirected to this smash category on bestcords.

Bestcords will keep up the tradition of being curated to and will aim to have a useful category structure to help people find the used and relevant discord servers for their games.

I need a lot of help finding discords for other games, so I would appreciate you using this form to help make me aware of any you know of.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I appreciate your patience!


Creator of and the Smashcord Central discord.

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