Mini Update + Patreon

With people asking if they can support Smashcords I've decided to open up a Patreon account for it. This allows me to give back to those who support the site. You can find it by clicking this link or the link in the footer. Supporters can get access to early information about upcoming updates, early access to new features, and access to an exclusive Discord server (depending on tier).

With that aside I have three servers for you this week:

  • SBS Netplay is a Melee and PM discord for Spain.
  • Tennessee Official Sm4sh is of course the Smash 4 discord for the Tennessee area.
  • Mushroom Kingdom | 20PP is a Peach discord for Super Smash Flash 2 players.

There is actually a Melee Modding server and a Louisiana discord to add as well. However both of these discords appear to have at least two competitors floating around and we are trying to ascertain which one is the correct one to promote in both cases. These should appear next week.


Creator of and the Smashcord Central discord.

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