New Look, New Servers, New Authors?

First, I'd like to announce that Smashcords is transitioning from a simple list into a multi-author publication that will bring you news about upcoming Smash events on Discord, and Smash news in general. We are still working out who will be doing this/what qualifications will be required. To any interested: expect some way to apply to be a part of this in the near future.

This week brings four new entries, all of them for Smash 4.

Community Smash 4 Lab is a shared labbing space for the Smash 4 community.
★ We also have three new tourney servers bringing you more variety in weekly and monthly events: Exceed the Limit, P60 Weeklies, and Smash Room Station.

I have completely reworked the website layout in response to the criticism I recieved last week. The menu should no longer be confusing to find on desktop computers. ... Right?

PS: if you applied on Monday, December 12 or later your submission will be considered the following week. Thank you!


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