Six More Get Added

We're still looking at applications for those who want to be a bigger part of Smashcords. In the meantime, here's some new additions for you:

  • Smash 64 now has its own dedicatied section to make room for SSB 64 Australia.
  • There's a General PM discord for the EU area. I heard there's good netplay there.
  • We now have a local discord for the PM community in Portugal.
  • Smashtral Planes is a weekly Tourney discord for Smash 4.
  • Two new Smash Flash characters have been added: Captain Falcon and Tails.

Please remember to establish your server before sending it to us. Empty servers get rejected. It is our goal to link servers that are useful for the competitive Smash community rather than help start them. This helps more qualified people become their owners (in general).


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