Smash 4 Patch in January

Modders be careful: it would appear that we're not quite getting updates for Smash 4. A recent update in the game's notifications suggest that we're about a month or less away from another change to the game.

As outlined above the update will bring popular conquest events from the past but also make it easier to obtain custom moves in some way. This could be a huge boon to the customs metagame. It remains to be seen however if the patch will contain any new balance changes.

Our last patch only contained fixes for Bayonetta leading many to believe that the balance patches have since wrapped up for Smash 4. Since then however we have seen many rumours indicating a port of the game coming to the Nintendo Switch with some amount of new characters. If true, it would make sense for them to test out some of the upcoming balance changes on the current versions prior to the Switch version launch.

ZeRo would disagree but as a low tier main I would love an opportunity for my character to become more viable. How about you? Do you think the game should be balanced more or are you happy with where it is currently?


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