Smash Flash 2 Character Servers

10 new servers join the list today with some of them being for Smash Flash 2 characters. But before that: did you see the contest I'm running for Christmas? I'm giving away a Nintendo 2DS and a copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon. Check that here if you like.

Le French Melee is a Melee discord for people in France.
Australia and Finland join the list for Smash 4, Melee, and PM.
★ There are Smash 4 discords for Delaware and London, ON, and the continent of Asia.

Heroes of Dreamland is a combined discord for the Smash Flash 2 characters Kirby, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee.
SSF2 Anime is a combined discord for the Smash Flash 2 characters Goku, Ichigo, and Naruto (and presumably Luffy when he is released).
The Castle is a Smash Flash 2 Marth discord.
20CR Discord is a Smash Flash 2 Chibi Robo discord.

I had to reject two discords this time. Remember to apply with a unique purpose and make sure your link is permanent. You will find links to these discords in their respective sections on the website. I hope you find them useful! New applications will be voted on next Monday and added Tueday as usual.

By the way: still talking to people about coming to write on Smashcords. Two confirmed so far. Expect more on that soon.


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