Smashcords 3 Arrives, 18 New Entries

Today marks the transition of Smashcords to its second major upgrade (any bugs that cropped up yesterday should now be gone as well).

It is now possible for multiple people to log in and edit this listing. Because of this we are looking forward to bringing you weekly updates from now on (with new requests being voted on by the current admin group on Mondays and then being implemented the following day.

All invites on the website are now custom fixable links. Say for example you link on a forum to the Smash 4 Mario server with Even if the invite expires we can update this to fix it. No more expired links! Moreover these are easy to guess.

Smashcord Tower has become Smashcord Central and is transitioning into being a more communal space for all of our admins to host events like matchup discussions/battles, tournies etc. to allow spectating and encourage participation. I strongly encourage them to use this space if they wish to support Smashcords and the Smash Discord community.

Here is the list of new additions:

The General Brawl Server (!)
Smash 4 Factory is a first party server that focuses on connecting students with mentors to help them improve. Currently Sm4sh only.
Hypest Team - A tourney server with regular events for Smash 4 and Melee.
Melee Light - A server focused around a fanmade clone of Melee of the same name that works in web browsers.
Smash Flash 2 Modders - A server dedicated to modding the fan game Super Smash Flash 2.

★ The following Melee character servers have been added to the list: Bowser, Donkey Kong, Mewtwo, and Samus.

★ The following regional servers have been added: Utah (S4/Melee/PM), Belgium (S4/Melee), New Brunswick (S4), Nova Scotia (S4), Sweden (S4), Wisconsin (S4), Paris (Melee), and New England (PM).

★ The server links for France and The Netherlands were switched with different servers that are larger and more active.

And the removals...

Eastern US and Western US were removed. These occupy way too large of a physical area to be useful and compete with the Smashcord Central server (these groups should consider merging into Central to help the community).
✘ The MD/VA server was removed because a different server is used for this region by the majority of the MD/VA scene and it does not wish to be listed (according to EnGardevoir).
Melee Captain Falcon wished to be removed citing a discomfort for the increase in traffic.
✘ The Reddit servers have been removed because they are only useful to their respective communities where they are already documented.
Project Stardust has wrapped up to my knowledge and their broken link has been removed.
✘ In addition, the following servers were removed because they allowed their links to expire and I cannot contact the owners: Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Venezuela.

I hope you have found this update useful and I look forward to bringing you more updates in the future.


Creator of and the Smashcord Central discord.

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