Smashcords 4 in March

I am prioritizing releasing the next major version of the website at this time and will not be adding new servers untilt his is done. Here are my favorite changes:

  • Submitting, adding, and updating servers is now done directly on the website.
    • This will allow the site to be updated much more easily and by multiple people since no coding is required.
    • This should drastically increase turnaround for applications.
  • Live search will let you type a few letters of a server's name to easily find it.
  • There are clickable filter buttons that enable you to filter servers by specific game support or by server type.
  • The main page will be the listings and a central news section will not exist.
    • There will be new sections for streams, video uploads, and upcoming events.
    • You will be able to keep track of these via Facebook, Twitter, or with a webhook in Discord.

The theme of this update is efficency and a renewed focus on being a great directory. I hope you look forward to it going live later this month.

PS: Those who applied need not worry. I have your applications set aside and they will be added in along with this major update.


Creator of and the Smashcord Central discord.

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