Smashcords' New Direction

Some of you may recall the Twitlonger I put out a few days ago. My decision to distance myself from the Discord Admin community was not a response to the rejection of the Partner Program but rather the way the proposition was handled by some people.

A few may recall me addressing their concerns politely and professionally in Direct Messages but it was the toxic witch hunt tone for several hours (and how it continued even after addressing all concerns by adding changes) in the Smash 4 Assembly that made me lose interest in working directly with the Discord Admin community. A volunteer is under no obligation to work with those who treat them poorly.

The Smash 4 Assembly, Melee Assembly, and the Leaders Guild are not recognized by Smashcords at this point. I recommend remaining in these spaces if you find them useful but no punitive measures will be taken for leaving them.

The new leadership structure for Smashcords will consist of 3 or 4 website administrators including Blumiere. These people will be able to log into the Smashcords website with credentials to approve or deny changes and to update the name/icon/description/invite of discords.

These website administrators will also fill an inquisitorial role, investigating any discords where multiple similar complaints are received from the public to ascertain if there is a problem or not. Any interference in this process (telling us not to ask questions in your discord, kicking or banning us, etc) will result in the accusations being assumed to be true and your discord being de-listed.

Blog Authors will also be added. They will be able to post new updates to the upcoming Videos, Streams, and Events sections of the website which will provide up-to-date information about what's happening across Smash Discord. Authors posting updates in these sections will trigger Facebook and Twitter posts for those who would like to follow there. Webhooks will also be available for people who want to make these updates available in their Discord in full or in part.

It is my understanding that Paxadin will be handling these event updates (JMUs, character crew battles) for at least the Smash 4 Assembly. If you would like to post in these categories please send me a Direct Message on Twitter. Those who treated me poorly need not apply.