Listing Requirements

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Server Applications

There are some guidelines you need to consider before applying for your server.

  • Must be relevant to the Super Smash Brothers™ series.
  • Must have at least 100 users, depending on the game of focus.
  • Cannot be a duplicate or a clone of another listed server.
  • Must be moderated to discourage toxic behavior.
  • Must have a professional rules section that is enforced.
  • If NSFW channels are present in your server they must use the NSFW channel feature of Discord and they should not be the primary focus of the discord.
  • While not required, an admin representative should be present in Smashcords HQ to avoid list removal if your invite breaks.
  • If we receive complaints about a server we will investigate. If you interfere with this process in any way (such as by banning a member of Smashcords Staff) we will assume that the complaints were accurate and delete your entry.
  • If the server is for a region, it must not be a child of another region. For example, NorCal and SoCal can be considered separate, but if there is a California server, then that will have to be resolved.
  • If your server meets all of the criterion, and is not a character server, apply here.
Required Server Rules

You are required to have some rules or enforce said rules on your server.

  • No toxicity or forms of discrimination should ever be allowed or promoted. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia and ableism. Excessive character bashing should not be allowed. Everyone gets salty now and then, which is perfectly acceptable, but if it's excessive, it might become a problem. A good rule of thumb is, if you believe the community at large is being made uncomfortable for justifiable reasons, then this rule is being broken.
  • A "No NSFW" rule must be established outside of NSFW channels.
  • The server cannot have any features that may exploit/spam the Discord API and must be compliant with the ToS. An example is money matching - which is considered gambling, which is illegal with the involvement of minors outside of NSFW channels (prohibited in character servers).
Character Servers

Character Servers do not follow the same rules as other servers, so that will be explained here.

  • You are allowed to report character servers in the same way you can report any other server.
  • Character servers are not allowed to have NSFW content promoted under any circumstances, and must have a rule declaring this fact.
  • Duplicates of character servers are not allowed to be listed.
  • You cannot apply to have a character server listed. The creation of these servers is managed internally.
    Please work with us so that we can ensure the quality of each character server to its fullest. We understand you wish to represent your character and contribute to the Smashcords community in any way you can. If you have a DLC server, we will consider working together with you if the community is of notable size and is in line with the other requirements of being listed. Creation of these servers is managed internally and released later in the day. Temporary staff members are assigned from trusted members of the community, to eventually be replaced when the community stabilizes.
    If you have a DLC server you wish to submit, submit a report here to organize a compromise or a merge. You can alternatively contact the owner or staff of the existing DLC server on the website if it is already released.
Replacing A Server

Sometimes listed servers might be having problems, such as being inactive or toxic. Here are the conditions for having a server replaced. If you find a server like this, please submit a report!
You can report a server by logging in and selecting the warning icon next to the problem server.

  • The server is clearly dead or abandoned.
  • The server is not being moderated properly and toxic behavior is prevalent.
  • NSFW content is not using the NSFW feature of Discord properly (or is a primary feature of the discord).
  • You can provide evidence of a server staff member banning a user without violating their stated rules or for their own personal reasons that are not relevant to their conduct in a server.
  • Any of the other requirements for being listed are being clearly violated.
  • The server is clearly dead or abandoned.