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Server Change

Posted on 24th Oct 2016 08:50:50

If you can see this post, then it means we have successfully migrated the website to a new server.

New Diddy Discord

Posted on 21st Oct 2016 08:08:05

Last night, an incorrigible miscreant destroyed the Smash 4 Diddy Kong server. Stranded monkeys should join the new Discord by clicking here.

Rest assured that I am urging all of my admins to turn on 2 Factor Authentication as soon as possible to protect our servers going forward.

9 More Smashcords

Posted on 13th Oct 2016 09:35:10

We have added 9 new servers today:

•Sm4sh Doubles
•3DS Sm4shers
•Kill Percent Smash
•West Virginia

Look out for an all-new website with some great new features to help communicate better across discords this coming November 5th.

Urgent Mewtwo Link Update

Posted on 8th Oct 2016 08:36:30

The previous owner of the Mewtwo discord for Smash 4 deleted it suddenly last night. A new one is available. Please let any displaced Sm4sh Mewtwo players you know as soon as possible. Here is the link: New Mewtwo Discord

As a side note, the new version of the website is quite ambitious and is taking longer than I thought. I will be adding newer entries to the current version on my coming days off to help with the wait.

7 More Servers & 3.0 Update

Posted on 23rd Aug 2016 11:38:32

We have added 7 new servers today:

•Melee Link Back Room
•Project Stardust
•Smash 4 Modding
•Arizona Games
•Ontario Smash 4 Group
•New Mexico

Smashcords 3.0 is in a private alpha for close friends. It will be available first to Smashcord admins for a brief period and then to the public. It features a bulletin board to store useful information and for cross-discord communication for users. I will be looking for a mods for the website among those who show an interest in helping grow the site's content during this early phase.

6 New Servers

Posted on 26th Jul 2016 04:43:32

We have added 6 new servers today:

•Melee Ganondorf R&D
•SSB 64
•Midwest Sm4sh
•MD/VA Smash
•Alberta Smash
•Smash Media Discord

Smashcord Tower Merge + Update

Posted on 5th Jul 2016 17:18:30

Our matchmaking discord has merged with Smash Tower to become Smashcord Tower, the definitive discord for friendlies and general conversation. It can be found here. Smashcord Tower accommodates players for all official Smash games and PM. Please consider helping us get the word out.

Today also brings 9 new servers and 9 minor updates. The new servers include:

•Melee Yoshi Discussion
•Melee Mewtwo R&D
•Faster Melee
•Melee Doubles
•Road to EVO
•South Carolina
•Smash Content Creators
•Smash Legion

We hope you find these new servers to be useful.

Created and maintained by @saltyBlumiere. Submit add requests on the admin server.

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